How to find an idea for your blog and online business

In 2015, I knew I wanted to start an online business.

But I had no idea what the business should be about.

I used this method to select the niche for my business:

Take a piece of paper and divide it with a line down the middle.  Write “passion” on the top of one side and “expertise” on the top of the other.  It should look like this:

Write down everything you have a passion or expertise for in the appropriate column.  If you have a passion AND expertise about something it should go on both sides of the paper.  Think all the way back to your childhood for ideas!

The next part is hard but you have to do it.  Ask at least 5 other people that know you (family, friends, and colleagues) what they think you are passionate about and have an expertise in.

Every morning for the next 4 days, revise your list as you receive responses from the people you asked.  If you are anything like me, you will probably come up with some more ideas of your own each day to include.

At the end of the 4 days, look at the item(s) that are on BOTH sides of the page.  This is sometimes referred to as your “sweet spot” or “zone of genius.”  Of the item(s) that are on both sides of the page, take a moment to think about which one(s) you could build an audience around and monetize.

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